Accelerated team building

Getting new teams up to speed and achieving results quickly

Who for?

Organisations where the rapid creation of new teams is important to the success of:
- change programmes
- project activity
- expansion

What will they be able to do at work?

  • Understand each other's working styles and how these can be used to get the team working well together quickly
  • Co-operate and communicate to get jobs done more effectively
  • Clarify team and individual objectives and plan how their objectives will be met in the most effective way
  • Process work and manage projects with creativity and cost effectiveness

How will the programme enable this?

  • Practical tasks to highlight the issues of working together, and how these can be managed
  • Provision of feedback and practical frameworks using the results
  • Opportunities to experiment with ideas and learning before going back to work
  • Planning for effective teamworking in the workplace