Commercial and financial awareness

Understanding how business actually works and how everyone has a role to play in making the business successful

Who for?

People at all levels who have had little or no commercial or financial training and who wish to:
- Understand how a business actually works
- Appreciate the part they play in the overall business
- Improve business performance by making the best use of business assets and avoid wasting valuable and scarce resources
- Increase their personal and team contributions to the success of the business

What will they be able to do at work?

Primary Workforce

  • Operate in more cost effective ways
  • Better understand the financial consequences when planning and carrying out their jobs
  • Monitor, respond and influence key performance indicators
  • Become more involved in issues that can and do affect profitability, job security and potential rewards

Support Staff

  • Provide the necessary support, service and communications to enable front line and operational teams to succeed and achieve their goals

Leaders, Managers and Directors

  • Provide the innovation, direction and leadership throughout the different layers of the business by establishing realistic plans and targets and monitoring performance and results achieved

How will the programme enable this?

By providing a combination of:

  • Operational audit, review and discussion aimed at identifying problem areas, weaknesses, lack of true understanding and communication issues
  • Workshops to provide a forum for discussion, illustrations, models and activities designed to overcome the mysteries and jargon of the financial, legal and corporate establishment and show how these relate to the daily work of everyone in the business
  • Identifying the scope for improvement and preparing action plans to achieve measurable improvements