Creating vision and strategic thinking

Providing senior managers with the ability to create and communicate vision and to establish good strategic thinking to boost your competitive advantage

Who for?

Leaders and managers who want to create important corporate statements with which to inspire their staff. Those who have the responsibility for establishing competitive corporate strategies and who want the skills to communicate them to their the rest of their organisations.

What will they be able to do at work?

  • Write meaningful corporate statements – vision, mission values, strategy, objectives
  • Incorporate these statements and intentions into everyday organisational activity
  • Communicate these statements to their staff in ways that inspire them and keep them focused on what needs to be done
  • Come up with effective business strategies
  • Implement these strategies to achieve corporate advantage

How will the programme enable this?

  • Clear the fog that surrounds corporate statements
  • Take people back to creating simple, clear statements of intent
  • Look at how to communicate important these messages
  • Write or re-write own corporate statements
  • Understand how to develop a strategic SWOT Analysis