Enabling teams and members to make their own decisions and handle increased responsibility

Who for?

People in organisations who wish to:
- Enhance ownership, commitment and self-management at all operational levels
- Increase the versatility and effectiveness of all employees
- Create a streamlined organisation
- Reduce functional rigidity in favour of role flexibility

What will they be able to do at work?

Primary Workforce

  • Handle greater responsibility
  • Work together to make effective decisions and manage their own potential
  • Plan and organise how they carry out their jobs
  • Become totally involved in issues affecting their ability to succeed

Support Staff

  • Provide the necessary communication, coaching and support for operational teams to achieve their targets

Leaders and Managers

  • Provide the inspiration, direction and support required for empowered teams to flourish

How will the programme enable this?

  • Discussions and activities designed to promote total understanding and acceptance of the concepts, possibilities and opportunities for improvement afforded by change initiatives
  • Workshops to re-define roles
  • Coaching sessions aimed at the development of new skills in all participants
  • Regular monitoring and reviewing of progress
  • Action development meetings