High performance teams

Developing exceptional levels of performance in teams with a specific function

Who for?

Project teams

Teams with a limited time-frame for success

Teams with a specific, focused agenda

Senior Management teams

Teams that promote and implement change

What will they be able to do at work?

  • Deliver extra-ordinary results... fast!
  • Work as a well-focused unit
  • Plan and agree the timescales of intense activity
  • Work effectively with associate staff and other teams
  • Build and maintain effective relationships with customers and suppliers
  • Resolve difficult problems efficiently and smoothly
  • Maintain consistently high levels of output

How will the programme enable this?

  • Through the use of tasks and exercises, carefully designed to replicate live issues and operational structures
  • The examination of team strengths and individual characteristics and the development of these into powerful and effective relationships
  • Through facilitated discussion aimed at improving:
    - team interaction
    - task achievement processes
    - effective action planning