Inspirational leadership

Who for?

Experienced managers who have moved into a strategic or transformational role or whose jobs now require them to implement change in a way that inspires their staff to achieve great things.

All key managers whose career paths are leading them towards greater responsibility for people and who are seen as vital to the future success of your organisation.

What will they be able to do at work?

  • Create a vision of the future for their people
  • Manage the process of goal alignment
  • Identify company culture, understand its effect and be able to influence it in a positive way
  • Promote the empowerment of their teams
  • Initiate and manage change in a positive way
  • Know how to provide support, guidance and development for their team members
  • Provide inspiration and be able to communicate it

How will the programme enable this?

Participants will:

  • Be introduced to inspirational leadership concepts
  • Have the opportunity to practise key skills during leadership tasks and receive feedback from consultants and other participants
  • Receive feedback about their leadership skills from questionnaires completed by themselves and their direct reports
  • Discuss the key issues of leadership
  • Identify strategies for developing inspirational and strategic leadership skills