Performance appraisal skills

Developing the performance of people through the skilful use of appraisal

Who for?

Those people in your organisation who have a responsibility to manage the performance of others and who need to engage their direct reports in:
- performance management
- continuous appraisal
- periodic formal appraisals

What will they be able to do at work?

  • Be committed to the use of appraisal as a performance management tool
  • Develop people and their performance through the skillful use of appraisal
  • Create positive ongoing dialogues with their direct reports
  • Be skilled in giving feedback questioning, clarifying, summarising
  • Contribute to organisational development and succession planning through the effective use of the appraisal system

How will the programme enable this?

Participants will:

  • Examine appraisal as part of a performance management strategy
  • Learn how to set objectives that are related to individual and organisational development needs
  • Understand and practise core appraisal skills through practical exercises
  • Conduct performance appraisals and receive feedback with the aid of video
  • Understand your organisation's appraisal system and how to use it most effectively