Selecting the right people

Enabling you to appoint the right people who will make a difference to the performance of your business

Getting the right people is costly – getting the wrong people is exorbitant!

Who for?

Appointments to key positions

People joining project teams

Graduate recruitment

First time manager appointments

Promoting people internally

What will they be able to do at work?

You will have people who you know:

  • Have the skills to fulfil and develop the job requirement
  • Show the abilities to develop their role in the organisation
  • Are a good 'fit' with the skills and abilities of other team members
  • Are able to use interpersonal skills to create productive working relationships
  • Are committed to the job and motivated to stay with the organisation

The bottom line is: effective selection saves enormous cost

How will the programme enable this?

By providing a combination of:

  • Support in identifying the skills, abilities and characteristics required in the role
  • Validated occupational tests for a range of specified skills and abilities
  • Practical team exercises designed to test desired skills and abilities, as well as teamworking and process skills
  • Personality tests for identifying preferred ways of working and level of match with the role
  • Design and delivery of appropriate assessment centres