From specialist to team leader

Enabling people to move from ‘hands on’ expertise to ‘hands off’ team leadership

Who for?

People who are promoted from a specialist, technical or professional function into a team leader role and need to make the transition from a hands on expert to a team leader supporting the work of others.

This programme provides the skills needed to do a first class job as team leader.

What will they be able to do at work?

  • Manage team performance by using a systematic approach
  • Promote best working practices and support problem areas
  • Understand the effect of management styles on motivation
  • Select appropriate leadership styles for different situations
  • Diagnose the effectiveness of team working and make interventions that will produce improvements in team performance
  • Use communication skills to manage effectively

How will the programme enable this?

Participants will:

  • Lead a team during a practical team task and receive feedback about their performance
  • Practise skills that will improve their team leadership effectiveness
  • Receive feedback about their role strengths and leadership styles from their peers and direct reports at work
  • Recognise development needs
  • Identify specific actions to improve team leadership effectiveness at work