Team development skills

Empowering team leaders with the skills to create synergy and develop high performance

Who for?

People who lead and manage teams where success is dependent on:
- Generating maximum commitment to organisational and team goals
- A high level of co-operation with each other
- Creating a 'whole greater than the sum of the parts' culture
- Team members challenging and pushing each other for higher achievement

What will they be able to do at work?

  • Use leadership styles that empower and motivate team members
  • Develop the strengths of team members to enable them to fulfil their potential
  • Recognise the levels of team development and identify action to improve work processes
  • Continually seek to develop the skills of team members for the benefit of the team as a whole
  • Create an open, positive working climate that is achievement oriented

How will the programme enable this?

  • Opportunities to lead a team undertaking a practical task and receive feedback from peers and facilitators about their team leadership skills
  • Examination of current team leadership ideas and how these can be applied to their own teams at work
  • Self assessment and feedback from own team members at work about their team leadership skills, current blockages to team effectiveness and how to remove these
  • Understanding of the strengths of team members and how they can be deployed to maximise the effectiveness of the team
  • Appreciation of development needs of team members and how these can be supported